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From Garret Travis (Garrett Travis ?, Gerrit Treffers ?) of Westchester County, New York in 1635 (and earlier?) to Tyler Travis and his sister, Michele Travis, in 2002.
This site lists the mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, their dates of birth, marriage, and death, their occupations and hobbies. In short, all of the information I can find about all of my past and present relatives.
I haven't finished accumulating all of the available information on, nor listing, all of the Travis ancestors and Travis relatives, so don't feel neglected if you don't see yourself listed, since this page is a work in progress.
Two good Travis sites: STAN HODGES @ GenForum, and Descendants of Garrett Travis.    
If you like, send me any information about yourself, or any Travis you feel should be listed, to my e-mail address at:    Tyler (WebMaster)    

Tyler Nolan Travis,
Son of Tyler and Kay Travis.
Born 1986 in Southeastern PA.
Died ~ in ~
Married: ~
Fathered: ~
Michele Theresa Travis,
Daughter of Tyler and Kay Travis.
Born 1988 in Southeastern PA.
Died ~ in ~
Married: ~
Mothered: ~
Tyler Howard Travis,
Son of Donald and LaVeeda Travis.
Born 1955 in Northern NJ
Died ~ in ~
Married: Kay Louie 1982
Fathered: Tyler N. 1986 and
               Michele T. 1988.
Jim Barton Travis,
Son of Donald and LaVeeda Travis.
Born July 20, 1954 in Miami FL
Died Jan. 1, 2000 in Key Largo, FL
Never Married, no known children.
Donald Howard Travis,
Son of Lewis and Margaret.
Born 1927 in Northern NJ
Died ~ in ~
First wife: Ethel Speer
Fathered: Jim B. 1954 and Tyler H. 1955
Second wife: Irene Akt
Adopted: Carol Ann and John.
Kenneth Lewis Travis,
Son of Lewis and Margaret Travis.
Born Nov. 2, 1925 in Jersey City, NJ
Died May 20, 2001 in Hernando, FL.
Married: Rose
Adopted: daughter Jan
Fathered: Donald Stuart
Lewis Barton Travis,    Int'l Genealogical Index
Son of Nehemiah and Meta Travis
Born Oct. 14, 1904 in Croton On-The Hudson, NY
Died March 2, 1982 in Largo, FL
Married: Margret Ann Meyerdierks March 22, 1925
Fathered: Kenneth L. and Donald H.
Nehemiah Oakley Travis,    Int'l Genealogical Index
Son of Lewis Barton and Helena Oakley Travis.
Born 1875 in Westchester, NY
Died Oct. 26, 1933 in Weehawken, NJ
Married Meta Potter
Fathered: Lewis B., Eugene, and Marian
Lewis Barton Travis,    Int'l Genealogical Index
Son of Nathaniel and Phebe Jane Travis.
Born Jan. 4, 1847 in Westchester, NY
Died Dec. 26, 1916 in Westchester, NY
Married: Helena Oakley
Fathered: Nehemiah Oakley and Lewis N.
Nathaniel Travis,    Int'l Genealogical Index
Son of David E. and Alche Tice Travis.
Born 1815 in Westchester, NY
Died ?
Married: Phebe Jane
Fathered: Lewis B., Nathaniel J., William G. and David.
David E. Travis,    Int'l Genealogical Index
Son of Elijah and Sarah Wiley Travis.
Born July 1777 in Cortlandt Twp, Westchester, NY
Died Jan. 8, 1859
Married: Alche Tice
Fathered: Nathaniel
Elijah Travis,    Int'l Genealogical Index
Son of Joshua and Miriam Travis.
Born 1749 in Cortlandt Twp, Westchester, NY
Died after 1820
Married: Sarah Wiley
Fathered: Jacob, David E., Joshua, Eli, Daniel, Eligah, Phebe, Fanny, Isaiah, and Elizabeth.
Joshua Travis.    Int'l Genealogical Index
Son of David TRAVIS and his first wife (name unknown)
Born 1729 in Yorktown, Westchester County, NY
Died 1804 in Westchester County, NY
Married: Miriam
Fathered: Elijah, Mariba, David, Joshua, Fanny, Mary, Ananias, Stephen, Jemima, and Esther.
David Travis.    Int'l Genealogical Index
Son of Philip and Hannah TRAVIS
Born: about 1705
  Raised in White Plains, then Yorktown (formerly Crompound), 2 miles east of Peekskill.
Died 1766
Married: first wife (name unknown)   Fathered: Issac and Joshua.
Married: second wife (Elizabeth Fowler)   Fathered: Eunice, Martha, Lavinia, Gilbert, and Jemima.
Philip Travis.    FamilySearch (AFN: 12BC-W30)
Son of Garret and Katherine TRAVIS
Born: about 1665 in NY
Died after 1716 in WestChester, NY
Married: Hanna
Fathered: David, Robert, Philip, Martha, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Catherine.
Garret Travis.   FamilySearch (AFN: 12BC-W1K)
Son of ?
Born: about 1639 in NY
Died after 1707 in Rye, WestChester, NY
Married: Katherine
Fathered: Philip, Robert, John, Hannah, and James.

Garret Travis before America:
Posted by: Elaine
December 10, 1999 at 23:24:45
In Reply to: Garret Travis before America by Heidi Travis of 1814
I found the following in a book called "Descendants of Garrett Travis of Westchester County, New York" by Maxine Phelps, Lines, (Main Author) The film # is 1035740 Item 40 US/CAN film Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Garrett bought land and resided in Rye in 1657 and was called "The Dutchman" He died about 1707/8. His wife Katherine died not long after.
It is tradition in the family that Garrett came from Scotland and the family were supporters of the "Young Pretender" Charles Edward Stuart, and upon his failure to obtain the throne of England, some of the Travis family came to America. This tradition will tend to fix the time of their 1st coming to America. They settled in Putman County, west of Oscawana Lake in the town of Putman Valley about 1750. [From the Everett H. Travis manuscript] (Compilers note: The family may 1st have gone to France or Holland, hence the term "Dutchman" given to early records.) So they may have come from Scotland originally.

Re: Garret Travis before America:
Posted by: Anne Cronin
December 20, 1999 at 17:26:51
In Reply to: Re: Garret Travis before America by Elaine of 1814
There is a more simple explanation about why Garret Travis was called the "Dutch man". He really was Dutch. Garret is not an English name, but Gerrit is a common Dutch name. I have seen the transcript you cite and the belief he is English is based on no evidence. The original records regarding Garret have his last name spelled many ways including Treffers. The English courts simply noted his ethnicity and gave us an important clue to who he was, not where he was from. After all, the Pilgrims, who spent years in Holland before coming to Plymoth, were always considered English, never called the Dutch even though the younger children learned Dutch. Passage from one country to another would not have given one a new identity. If Garret were English, it would have been a great insult to refer to him as the Dutchman. One of the reasons it maybe so difficult to find Garret before 1657 in the records is because his last name was a Dutch patrionimic. Travis became the last name as a matter of English need and requirement. Travis is an English, Welsh, and Irish name and would have been familiar to English authorities and thus assigned in a loose approximation in what was the name Garret used. This would not have been unusual at all as a practice of New Haven Colony. This happened all over New Netherlands when the English finally took control in 1663.
For a more detailed version of Anne's theory,visit: TRAVIS GENEALOGY

Treffers surname in the Home Land:
an E-Mail received on February 23, 2003 at 12:44 PM to Donald Travis, Generation 11.
Hoi Donald,
With interesting I have read your genealogy Travis. Its verry interesting because the surename Treffers (Gerrit Treffers) in the beginning of the 17the century.
At home I have the whole genealogy Treffers from beginning 1600 till 2002 but did not find yet the name Gerrit Treffers. We have also a family-magazine called 'Het Treffertje', since 32 years. The surename Treffers is a specific Dutch name and in the 16the and 17the century they wrote also: 'Treffer' or 'den Treffer'. The first names Treffer(s) cames near 1550-1600 in the south of the Netherlands (near 60 miles south of Amsterdam).
Is it possible to tell me more, new informations, about Gerrit Treffers (Garret Travis)?

I wish you many success with your research.


Marius van Loon
publisher Het Treffertje