At 11:10 PM on July 17, 2007 Irene Rose Braisted Travis, devoted Mother of Carol Ann, John, Walter, and James, passed away in Key Largo Florida a few days after contracting pneumonia as the result of breaking her hip, which was likely caused by her extended affliction of alzheimers disease.

Irene was 67 years young and enjoyed a life of sewing, cooking, sailing, rollerskating, and making everyone she ever came into contact with a happier and a better person.
Irene was living proof that it isn't necessary to be rich or famous in order to make a positive difference in the world. Her boundless good humour and outbursts of laughter combined with a drive to try everything and make every day in her life count kindled a bright light in everyone she met. This is not an exaggeration. It is impossible to measure the positive impact on this world by her having occupied it, nor the loss to the world by her having left it. Irene's gift was priceless. Everyone who knew or met Irene will attest to that.

Irene is survived by:
her husband Donald H. Travis,
sisters Joan Skinner and her husand Don,
Marian McCollum and her sons Clark and Roger.
her sons Walter Akt and his wife Adriana and grandchildren Wally, Julianna, and Thomas,
Jimmy Akt and his wife Caroline,
John Travis and his wife Noel,
her daughter Carol Ann Travis Veldhuizen and her husband Gerald and grandchildren Ciara and Frank,
her stepson Tyler H. Travis and his wife Kay and grandchildren Tyler N. and Michele.

Irene was interred in the family plot in Milford Cemetery, Route 209 in Milford, PA 18337 at 9 AM on Saturday September 8, 2007.
Carol Ann gave the Eulogy.

Those attending were:
Donald H. Travis,
Carol Ann and Gerald Veldhuizen
John and Noel Travis
Walter and Adrianna Akt and their children Julianna and Thomas,
Jimmy Akt,
Tyler and Kay Travis and their daughter Michele,
Marian McCollum,
Roger and Laura McCollum,
Bruni Musikant,
Didi Phillips and Michael Ruber,
Richard and Vera Wilson,
Scott Rando.
Irene's committal service was performed by .

Afterwards, Friends and Family met for lunch at Twin Lakes.

Only the kind words and sympathies of Friends and Family, along with time, lessen the feeling of such a loss.

Thanks to all who joined us.