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John Jacob Meyerdierks I Circa 1925. Adelaide Behrin Meyerdierks, wife of John Jacob Meyerdierks I.
Fred Becker driving - Margaret Meyerdierks nearest him. John J. Meyerdierks III nearest him on bike. George Meyerdierks in front. John Jacob Meyerdierks I and (L-R) Jack Kearton, Kenneth Lewis and Donald Howard Travis, John Jacob (IV) and Robert Meyerdierks, and Clayton Ghiozzi.
This is the hardware store of John J. Meyerdierks II at 591 Central Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey. The picture was taken in 1903. In 1919, the store was sold and the family moved to Milford, Pennsylvania. This occurred when John J. Meyerdierks was 45 years old. His main reason for retiring then was that his oldest son, Henry, died while in the Army in June of 1918 and the family was heartbroken. They also felt that they could afford to retire. They sold everything out and moved to Milford, Pike County, Pennsylvania to a 54 acre tract with a 4 bedroom house, with seperate icehouse (shop), garage, and chicken house. They paid $3000 for the place, which was sold to the government in 1980 for $120,000. At that time, the place was owned by the daughter, Margaret (Meyerdierks) Travis, mother of Donald Howard Travis and Kenneth Lewis Travis. Right:
John Jacob Meyerdierks I, born in Germany about 1849. Merchant Seaman, lived in West Hoboken (Union City), New Jersey. John Jacob Meyerdierks II was his only son. There were three daughters: Adelaide Meyerdierks Ghiozzi, Minnie Meyerdierks Schmitt, Tillie Meyerdierks Wilson. Sailed around Cape Horn, was marooned 2 years on an island - his father owned a sailing vessel.
John Jacob Meyerdierks II, born Hoboken, NJ about 1874, died in 1952 in New Jersey. Married to Elizabeth Becker - four children: Margaret Anna (Meyerdierks) Travis, John Jacob Meyerdierks III, Henry Christian Meyerdierks, George Fredrick Meyerdierks. Retired from Hardware business in 1919 at age 45 - died 18 days after his wife.
Middle Top:
John Jacob Meyerdierks III, born January 22, 1899 in Union City, New Jersey. Married about 1922 to Mae Haberman - 3 children: John Jacob Meyerdierks IV, Robert Earl Meyerdierks, and Peter Meyerdierks. Ford Dealer, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.
Middle Bottom:
John Jacob Meyerdierks IV, born 1923 in Englewood, New Jersey.
Ken Travis, Margaret Meyerdierks Travis, and Don Travis with ? Zeising (Margaret's cousin), Margarite Eckert Becker (Donald's Great Grandmother on Margaret's side), Elizabeth Becker Meyerdierks (Margaret's mother), Helen Zeising (Al's wife), and Al and Helen's daughter Dorothy Zeising, circa 1937. Top row, left to right: ?, John Jacob Meyerdierks Jr., ?,?.
2nd row l to r: John Jacob Meyerdierks Sr., JJM Sr'.s Wife(?), Margarite Eckert Becker, Elizabeth Becker Meyerdierks, ?.
Bottom row: all unknown (Possibly John, Margaret, George and Henry Meyerdierks).
John J. Meyerdierks II in vest, second from left, at Milford, PA house. Carol Meyerdierks Tsao and family.
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